Getting ready for the Holidays

Follow Bullseye, his co-director Marisol and their cast and crew of toys get ready for their very own musical.

The Toycracker

Click "full screen" and enjoy this Target Holiday Musical with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

Behind the scenes

The following spots are short stories of the holiday experiences of the cast and crew, followed by an amazing deal!

Deals, deals, deals!

Ginger Breadington reporting from the red carpet premiere of Target's 10 Days of Deals alongside all of this season's hottest stars.

CLIENT: Target

CREATIVE CREDITS: GCD: Paul Nguyen CD: Garrett Jones, Driscoll Reid, Adam Szajgin Copywriters: Will Tran, Peter Hughes, Art Directors: Maite Albuquerque, Andy Lam, Grace Espejel Design Director: Frank Dresme Jr Designer: Natasha Cirisano

DATE: 2016